I started out developing websites, and still enjoy it today! I have worked on everything from simple WordPress CMS sites with a few pages, to large custom-built sites supporting multiple languages and e-commerce.

Examples of previous web work:

  • Best Apple TV – www.bestappletv.com

    A niche news and reviews website for the Apple TV ecosystem, launched September 2017. Based on a WordPress theme, I optimised the site for faster loading times, and also made design tweaks and layout customisations.

  • Feral Interactive – www.feralinteractive.com

    A large website with a game downloads e-commerce store selling internationally. It has thousands of pages with localisations in a number of languages, and is supported by custom-built content management tools and backend. It makes good use of the latest HTML5 and CSS capabilities, in particular for the various game “mini-sites” which use animations, audio, and video to communicate the atmosphere and style of each game.

  • Chester Alexander Technique Studio – www.chesteratstudio.co.uk

    A simple informational business website with a focus on clean design.

  • Gordon Emery Books – www.gordonemery.co.uk

    Online store for local walking and history books. Custom backend plus PayPal checkout. Design rather dated now – over a decade old!

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