I have a wealth of experience working with databases and web services on the back end – building tools for business, supporting the publication of a large website, and developing niche social networking platforms.

From 2014 – 2016 I led the development of Calico, an online multiplayer gaming platform for games published on the Mac App Store by Feral Interactive. The platform supports thousands of users, with hundreds online at any one time.


I am flexible with regards to technology stack and try to pick the best for the job:

  • Data access layer: experience with relation database technologies including MySQL, plus No-SQL databases such as Redis and MongoDB.
  • RESTful web services: primary experience in Java with Jersey/JAX-RS, but also using Node.js and PHP. Experience with a variety of data formats including XML, JSON, Atom, HTML.
  • Authentication: Standard-based with OAuth 2.0 and HTTP Bearer tokens. HTTP Basic authentication for simpler scenarios.

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